Beater Bash 2017

This is the Express Rally Beater Bash 2017! $500, 500 miles, $1000 cars, INFINITE SHENANIGANS.

We're lucky enough to shoot ALL of the Wheelwell Express Rally rallies. We get to head west this September to shoot the Western Express Rally that starts in San Diego California, heads to Death Valley and ends in Las Vegas. Should be the best rally we've ever had the pleasure of covering. We are very excited to say the least. Enjoy!

April ARSCCA Rallycross

Just a bit of dirt throwing at the newest ARSCCA Rallycross location in Clinton, AR. Only a few more events this year. Come out if you enjoy getting covered in dirt, dust and rocks. [CLICK INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS TO VIEW]


I haven't missed one of these in 4 years. They're always guaranteed fun. It has morphed into a cabin weekend with close friends in the woods of Missouri. Lots of relaxtion, photography, campfires, drinking, catching up and watching rally cars fly by. Damn blast!

JMFD Swerve

Sometimes I get to shoot some unreal, super expensive, custom, stabilized wood personal vaporizers. This one fits that bill. The craftsmanship that JMFD Mods puts out is on another level. Amazing attention to detail and quality.